Climb Out of That Money Pit With Commercial Vehicle Leasing


If you’re in the transportation business, why on earth would you tie up your working capital in the purchase and operation of your vehicle fleet? There are so many other things you could be doing with your money and time, like…


  • Using your capital for growth
  • Managing your credit effectively
  • Keeping your costs fixed
  • Passing maintenance and repair concerns onto someone else


At Avon Leasing, we cut our teeth leasing vehicles to businesses just like yours. We know all the ins and outs of the business and we constantly stay on top of all the tax law changes so you can rest assured the money you invest in commercial vehicle leasing is money well spent.


Not convinced commercial vehicle leasing is the way to go? Let’s talk about what you can look forward to when you own and operate your own vehicle fleet. First, there’s the capital outlay to purchase your fleet vehicles. That’s a lot of money spent for something that goes down in value throughout its entire life.


Second, there are the maintenance costs. Oil changes, regular maintenance intervals, and unexpected repairs are all part of owning your vehicle fleet. Sure, you can contract out your maintenance to a third party but the longer you own your fleet vehicles, the greater the maintenance expenses you’ll incur.


Third, when you own the vehicles, you need to sell them yourself. There’s no turning them back in after a couple years. Again, you can contract out the selling of your vehicles to a third party but that’s another expense in and of itself. Still not convinced of the advantages of commercial truck leasing? Well, you could always finance your fleet purchase with a bank loan.


A Few More Reasons Why Commercial Vehicle Leasing Could Save Your Business


Keep in mind, when you finance through a bank, you have to have good credit. C and D credit situations need not apply and if you’re just starting out, forget about it. Down payments are also the norm with a bank loan – to the tune of 10-20% of your purchase. That’s just the beginning though.


With bank financing, the bank can place a UCC lien on all of your equipment, not just the equipment involved in the transaction. Also, bank lines of credit often feature adjustable rates with no pre-determined end of term. So if you’d like to tie up your precious capital, pay for ongoing maintenance and repairs, and deal with inflexible bank financing rules then owning and operating your own fleet vehicles is ideal for your business.




You can call Avon Leasing for a commercial vehicle leasing program that lets you focus on your business while we focus on what we do best. Call us at (863) 682-0191.