I.T. Equipment Leasing – Cutting Edge doesn’t have to mean cutting costs!


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Time is money. If you think how quickly you can generate sales reports doesn’t have an impact on your bottom line –think again. If you think daily computer crashes have no effect on customer service – you’re dead wrong. If you think outdated technology is a great way to save money – it might be too late. State-of-the- art technology makes your business more efficient, allows you to serve your customers better, and keeps your employees happy.

This doesn’t change the fact that it’s a significant capital investment for any business. What makes things worse is that is that pace of development makes your computer equipment obsolete far quicker than in the past. You need it to be successful but, it ties up valuable resources, and once it’s outdated you’re at a disadvantage against your competition. Talk about a zero-sum game!


Computer Equipment Leasing – Easier Than ‘The New Math’


There is a solution to this equation, though. Computer equipment leasing from Avon Leasing gets your business technology up to date with the flexibility you need, not to mention the best service you’ll find anywhere in the industry. It’s time to upgrade to the best computer equipment money can buy while preserving your precious cash flow. Here are some of the advantages of using Avon Leasing to finance your next capital investment.


  • We manage your vendors – you focus on growing your business while we worry about managing multiple manufacturer relationships consolidated under a single lease.
  • We offer flexible terms – Skip payments, step payments, or quarterly payments are all options with our lease programs.
  • Credit is never an issue – We work with your credit situation be it A, B, C or D. We even have programs for new businesses with no credit history.
  • We offer 100% financing – Get started in 1 or 2 payments. No down payments and deposits.
  • Buy it or turn it in – You’re not stuck with obsolete equipment when your lease term expires. Just upgrade to brand new technology.


There are significant tax advantages to computer equipment leasing through Avon Leasing as well. In some situations, your lease payments may be a 100% tax-deductible operational expense. Non-tax/capital leases also allow your business to take advantage of Section 179, which allows for deductions of up to $139,000 on equipment purchased or leased and put into service in 2012. With bonus first year depreciation and normal first year depreciation, your tax savings are further increased.


For flexible, accessible computer equipment leasing for new and established businesses alike, call Avon Leasing today at (863) 682-0191.