Leasing Heavy Equipment is the Cost Effective way to “Move Mountains”.

Heavy construction equipment is expensive, very expensive. Don’t be surprised if your bank is squeamish at the thought of loaning you that kind of money. You might be the squeamish one, truth be told. Given that, it makes sense that you’d consider heavy equipment leasing as an option. There are several advantages to this type of financing. Among them are…


  • More predictable cash flow15058093_s

  • Tax Deductions / Immediate write-offs (consult a tax expert for specifics)

  • Faster approval than other forms of financing
  • More flexible payment options


Avon Leasing is a recognized leader in heavy equipment leasing. Our professional, knowledgeable staff provides customer service that sets the industry standard.  Our programs are designed to be flexible, accessible and ideal for your business – whether it’s long established or just getting started.


Bank Financing Pitfalls


Come to think of that, your bank may be willing to lend you the money you need for construction equipment but they’ll have some restrictions to contend with. Try these on for size…


  • Down payments – banks require a 10-20% down payment in order to finance your purchase
  • Blanket UCC Lien – banks will place a blanket UCC lien on your heavy equipment, including equipment that wasn’t part of the transaction
  • Deposits – banks may require a deposit to secure the transaction
  • Good Credit Only – most bank programs are designed for A or B credit customers only
  • Adjustable Rates – bank lines of credit are often adjustable rate with no fixed end of term
  • No Payment Flexibility – bank loans don’t offer step payments, skip payments, seasonal payments or quarterly payments


One more thing to remember…when you finance your heavy equipment purchase with a bank loan, you own the equipment for good. When it becomes obsolete or difficult to liquidate, you still own it. Not so with heavy equipment leasing from Avon Leasing. When your lease term ends you may purchase your equipment or turn it in and upgrade to the latest models. You’re never stuck with equipment you can’t get rid of.


How Can Avon Leasing Help You Succeed?


Avon Leasing was founded in 1984 as a specialist in fleet vehicle and commercial equipment leasing. We’re experts at heavy equipment leasing, handling the following types of vehicles…

  • Bulldozers
  • Cranes
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Concrete Mixers
  • Excavators
  • Smooth Rollers
  • Skid Steers


And many more…


For unparalleled service, access to the top names in heavy equipment, and flexible programs to fit almost any type of business, call Avon Leasing at (863) 682-0191.